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Collaborating to enhance filmed footage with CGI

We were asked by the brilliant film company Gingenious to work with them on a promotional film for Glythera. They have developed a new antibody that helps to deliver cancer treatment with a greater accuracy than other methods. This is crucial, because without high accuracy, the toxin could be inadvertently delivered to healthy cells. The target audience of the film is potential investors, so we needed to explain the process in a non-technical way. The science behind it is fairly difficult to understand, so Gingenious's wanted to strip out all of the unnecessary details to deliver the core message. Here we explain how we worked together to achieve the final film.

We started the production with an all important meeting to understand what was required, by both the client and Gingenious. Once we had established what was needed, we talked about initial style ideas. Although we knew that we had to create a 3D model of the ADC (anti body transmitter) we still had to figure out the style. Because the subject was difficult to grasp, we all agreed that the style needed to be quite clean and simple. It was unnecessary to complicate it with photorealistic models of cells. Like most of our projects we put together a collection of styles. What may seem like subtle differences in the design actually change the look and feel of the film. We also needed to be conscious of the footage in the film and how our work would sit in the edit. It's important that the 3D element and filming gel and don't feel like two separate productions. With this in mind, we were given the shots leading into and following our graphics so we could match the 3D animation to it with some nice transitions.

Here's our initial designs;

What may seem like subtle differences in the design actually change the look and feel of the film. Another part of the animation which is just as important as the 3D models is the environment. You'll notice on the initial style designs that we've created different backgrounds. Because the subject is of scientific nature we used this to influence the designs, although we all agreed that the extra details made it look too busy. We pulled stripped all the details back, leaving us with a shiny white ADC and gradient background. 

After we nailed down the design, we needed to consider how the ADC first appears in the film. Again with most of our projects, we like to send the client the first few seconds so they can see how it's shaping up and make any comments before we proceed with the bulk of the animation. To the right is our first test. 

We were experimenting with the textures on the background and wanted to give it a scientific feel with the drawn on graph paper look. This is something we all agreed looked nice, but it didn't quite match the look we were going for. We also felt that it took too long to appear on screen, meaning it would disrupt the flow of the film. 

It's important that we allow time early on in the production to explore the style. It allows us to get a look everyone's happy with while making sure the production runs smoothly. 


Here's the final film;


We always enjoy working on productions that have a filmed element to it, we definitely think you get the best results through collaborating. 

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