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We're a Cardiff based Animation Studio.

Getting noticed

A subject we often talk about in our team meetings. Not only how do we get noticed, but how do we get noticed by the right people and organisations? We're right at the beginning of our journey and we're far from experts on the subject, but we do have our own perspective on it, which you may find helpful or you may not (ask us again in 3 years, i guarantee our views will be different)

It's often the subject i talk with friends who also run businesses about. When you know you have a good thing going and you just want people to see it, it's really hard to work out the best way of getting people to notice you. Also being a small and fairly new business we have limited funds so can't just employ people to market us. 


So this is what we do;

Social Media

We use social media. Honestly we don't use it enough, we're not social media types, we'd much rather be getting on with designing and making animations, but unfortunately that doesn't get you noticed, social media does. We try to only tweet and post relevant things that either people would be interested in or new projects we've worked on. I guess the ultimate goal is to get a few hundred likes and retweets? It's a hard game to play and although it seems like a nice way to get noticed are aim is to try and get the right people to notice. So we try not to tweet for the sake of tweeting, but we also don't want to disappear completely.

So what content to tweet is the next dilemma? As an animation company we are guilty of tweeting a few gifs now and again. They're usually scenes taken from a animation and turned into a gif. It's a way of us showing of the animation we're working on. When we have time, which is rare, we'll make a topical gif. Mainly to push ourselves creatively or show off a different style. 

I guess with tweeting it's all about being in the right place at the right time to really get noticed. 



Word of mouth 

We rely heavily on word of mouth, it's actually where we get the majority of work from. We've been lucky in that the people we're met and worked with have said good things about us to others and this has ultimately lead to more work. I can't emphasis enough how important word of mouth is, you always get the phone call when you least expect it "saying so and so recommended you" and if you ask us it's the nicest way of doing work. It's important to us that we keep these relationships strong and are fair and professional while working on projects. Also living and working in such a small city, people talk, everyone knows everyone. 

Good work

Plan and simple, do good work and get noticed that way, whether it's through word of mouth, your website or social media. They feed into each other, you do good work people notice, people talk, you get a phone call (hopefully)

We always aim to do the best we absolutely can, but it can be difficult to get it looking exactly as we'd choose due to tight deadlines and the budget. But I think it's safe to say that we do choose to go above and beyond what time we originally alicated to the projects. There is always room for improvement and our animations are never finished in our eyes.

For us this is the most important part of getting noticed and we will always pushing ourselves to do good work. 


We've come to the conclusion that patience is a virtue and you get noticed by doing good work, by putting in hard work and by being a nice human being. You're not always going to get noticed by the people you want to straight away, it takes time, patience, self belief and good work! 

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