Spin The Yarn

We're a Cardiff based Animation Studio.


We are Spin The Yarn, an animation studio based in the heart of Cardiff Bay. Our artists are driven by design and our work blends visual flair with commercial drive. 

We're always looking for new ways to tell tales. Whether it's through the way we tell your story or the illustrations we use, our aim is to work with you to create something unique, memorable and inspiring. Our amazing clients include Restless Development, Virgin Trains, Cardiff University and Golly Slater.



Alice is always looking for new and fresh ways to tell stories. Music is an important part of her creative process so you’ll rarely find her without her headphones on.

Always committed to getting best outcome for her clients, Alice is the organized one at Spin the Yarn, brimming with ideas and an eye for detail.



Stephen is Spin the Yarn’s animation wizard, breathing life into inanimate pixels on a daily basis. Stephen loves all forms of animation, as long as they have a good story a believable characters (Don't mention Michael Bay, unless you'd like a live rendition of this article)

Stephen is one of Cardiff’s few Blender users, a rare breed indeed.

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